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How To Check and Replace The Motor Coupler In A Kenmore Direct Drive Washer

Follow the instructions below to check the motor coupler

Put a couple towels in the washer
Set the water level on the small setting
Set the timer on the beginning of the regular cycle and turn the washer on
Let the washer fill and see if it starts agitating after it fill up
If the motor runs, but the agitator doesn’t agitate
Set the timer on the spin cycle and turn the washer on
Let the washer finish the spin cycle
After the washer finish the spin cycle, check the towels
If the washer has drained the water, but the towels are dripping wet, that is a good indication that the motor coupler could be broken
Follow the instructions below to remove the motor coupler washer repair altadena.

Disconnect the washer from the wall outlet
Turn the water faucets off and remove the fill hoses (put a towel on the floor to catch any water dripping from the fill hoses and the water valve)
Remove the drain hose
Put a piece of rug on the floor and lay the washer on it’s back
Remove the pump holding clips and remove the pump from the motor shaft. Grab the pump with the hoses still attached and tied to one of the leg to keep it out of the way.
Disconnect the wire harness from the motor, start capacitor if you have one near the motor and any other connection to the motor
Remove the 2 screw that are holding the motor clips in place and remove the motor holding clips
Remove the motor from the motor mounting plate
Remove the round rubber piece with 6 holes on it
Remove the broken motor coupler plastic pieces from the gearcase and from the motor
Follow the instructions below to install the motor coupler

Set one of the motor coupler plastic pieces on the shaft of the gear case and use a spark plug socket wrench and a hammer to drive it in (don’t start banging to hard or you could break the plastic pieces, just tap them gently until they are all the way in OK )
Put the rubber piece with the 6 holes on it in the gearcase
Set the motor in place and secure it with the holding clips and screws
Connect the wire harness to the motor, start capacitor and any other connection to the motor
Untie the pump and set it on the motor shaft, make sure is all the way in and secure it with the pump holding clips
Stand up the washer and connect the 2 fill hose and the drain hose
Connect the washer to the wall outlet and try it out to see how it works now
If you want to see the free videos on how to do this repair, check the link in my resource box.


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